Business Process Re - Engineering

Business Process Re - Engineering

What is BPR ?

Business Process Re-Engineering is the critical analysis and radical redesign of existing business processes to achieve breakthrough improvements in performance measures.

It involves re-examining the way things are done within a business and increasing process efficiency to improve the flow of work and information in line with defined corporate goals.

Why use BPR ?

A successful business has to constantly challenge its way of doing things to ensure that it gains and maintains competitive advantage. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance, judged in the marketplace by quality, timing, and cost, but also in these times by a high standard of communication.

Appropriate use of technology and systems has become of paramount importance in terms of information storage, use and flow, as well as allowing a company to operate a productive environment and become reactive and flexible to meet market requirements.

Well planned processes reduce frustration in the workplace and promote employee job satisfaction and impact positively on corporate image, as well as ensuring good financial results.

How is BPR applied ?

The first stage is to re-examine the company's present systems and operations as a whole, identifying individual processes. A business process consists of a series of activities to meet an end objective. It has inputs, outputs and interfaces with other processes. An example of a business process might be responding to a customer enquiry or ordering from a supplier.

Investigations and interviews highlight processes which require attention or which have been identified for potential improvement. These are then examined and questioned in detail. Various techniques may be employed, including:

  • Improving the flow of information, sharing of data between functions
  • Eliminating bottlenecks, delays or stoppages, balancing workloads
  • Identifying areas for appropriate application of IT or new technology
  • Simplifying processes and removing duplication
  • Implementing a modular structure
  • Measuring and improving Customer Service levels
  • Installing visible controls and feedback
  • Designing for flexibility and expansion

At all times the process objectives are considered in terms of the end product or service, the value of the process to the customer, and the strategic vision of the company. Improved methods within the process are developed and their effect, if any, on related processes investigated before implementation.

Success of the BPR initiative is dependent upon support from all levels within the company, tolerance of change and a positive attitude to expansion and growth. Re-aligning strategy in this way, within individual processes, helps to streamline operations towards the common goal of improved productivity and customer satisfaction with the overall result of raising the company profile within its industry.

ProfitProtector Ltd.

The principles of BPR can be applied to any industry with a view to achieving some or all of the benefits stated above. ProfitProtector Ltd.'s expertise stems from management experience and implementation of BPR principles in large and small businesses, including manufacturing, transport and horticultural industries, as well as administrative and legal services.

ProfitProtector Ltd.'s in-house team can design, develop and implement system solutions and, where necessary, have even created the technology to solve business challenges where it did not previously exist.

More recently, the internet and e-mail have brought tremendous opportunities for productivity and service improvements, as a new communication channel. ProfitProtector Ltd.'s knowledge and use of this new medium adds to their armour of business tools, reaching far beyond the application of e-commerce to extend to all aspects of business.

Consulting work has been undertaken in the fields of business information systems, marketing, productivity improvement programmes and microprocessor-based product development.

Contact us now to see how ProfitProtector Ltd. can improve your business processes to save you time and money.

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